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I'll admit, I do not frequent dog parks like I used to when Whiskey was young. Sometimes we will pop into one when no one else is around as she loves to sniff all the other dogs.

There are MANY great dog parks in the Twin Cities area and sometimes part of the fun is the drive to them. Below is a list of all the ones close-ish to the Roseville area. If you visit one of these parks, snap a picture of you pup and share with me! When I first moved to Roseville and was building my pet sitting business, I visited every dog park around. Whiskey and I went to 5 in one day!

St. Anthony Parkway Off-Leash Dog Park - Address: 700 St. Anthony Parkway Minneapolis, MN. Hours: 6am - Midnight. Park is fully fenced. There is only one enclosure so no special areas for small dogs. The park is nicely shaded with big trees. There are plenty of benches for humans to sit on. This park has a pretty active Facebook group, you can find them here, St. Anthony Dog Park.

*This would probably be my favorite park if I went more often. The park is big enough that you can create some separation from other visitors. I love the big trees and plenty of shade.

*Of Special Note: Parks in Minneapolis require a permit for your dog to use off leash areas. They offer annual and day passes at a reasonable rate. The passes can be purchased online. Click this link to find out more information, Minneapolis Dog Park Permit.

Lauderdale Dog Park - Address: 2328 Roselawn Ave W, Lauderdale, MN. Hours: 8am-10pm. Park is fully fenced. This park is pretty small, and there is no shade. There are no designated areas for small dogs. There are benches for sitting. You can find this park's Facebook group here, Friends of Lauderdale Dog Park.

*The thing that makes this park is the community. There are a lot of regulars to this park and many people will go onto the group page to announce when they will be at the park in hopes of meeting others there. Although I am not a regular, I have always met some nice people at this park.

Rice Creek Off-Leash Dog Area - Address: 5959 Lexington Ave N, Shoreview, MN Hours: 8am-10pm. This park's location is in the Rice Creek North Regional Trail Corridor. If you are new to the area or have never been this area is a must! The dog park is HUGE. This park is NOT completely fenced. The area of the park that is not fenced is wooded with brush, giving it the feeling of being contained. If you have a dog that is going to bolt as soon as you arrive at the park I would recommend checking this area out before letting Fido go off leash. I have heard of dogs going down into the thick brush and not being so cooperative about coming back out. It would be best to avoid that area, like I said the park is HUGE. This park also has several very small ponds, if you have a water loving dog you might want to plan to bring towels. The park does on have a blurb on their website about small dog hours but the website does not provide times. It is best to check out their Facebook group, Rice Creek North Off Leash Dog Park, for more information.

*I have only been to this park a handful of times. I always enjoy it and think I should go there more often. This park does get very busy, there is a large flat area in the middle of the park, people and dogs tend to bunch up here and it can get a bit crazy at times. It should be easy to avoid, be forewarned. There are also several entrances to this park, you have to ‘hike’ in to get to the back entrance, but this is my favorite. It's away from the unenforced area and the middle crazy part. Again it might be a good idea to go check this park out first, to get the lay of land. If you’ve got a young adventurous dog with good recall, go for it! Bring a towel to wipe your pup down before getting back in the car.

That’s my list of the top three in the area. There are two more parks that I sometimes frequent in Roseville, they are not as well known. They are often very quiet, and while there is nothing special about them, they work great for me and my older dog. If you would like to know more about those parks, shoot me a quick text or email and I’ll give you the insider scoop.

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If you visit one of these parks or any park in the area let me know what your experience was like! Comment below or email me.

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